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“Do you want this little girl?”
Many of you know that Betty was adopted. She has made no secret of that. She is named after a certain nurse. She knows her birth parents’ names, but has never met them. Or her siblings. No idea where they are. If living or dead.

It’s a big hole in her heart during the holidays. She masks it well. She was an only child to her adoptive parents who have both passed.

This is how her story began.

Her parents showed up at the hospital that day ready to deliver. They were transients, having other children with them. Eyeglasses, unkempt, the look of malnourishment and PTSD seen in war zones.

The parents wanted to give her up for adoption. They wanted to give her a better life.

A nurse, who happened to be there and who knew a childless couple looking to adopt, made a call. “Do you want this little girl?”

That set off a flurry of activity that culminated in another state's judge signing adoption papers a short time later. Adoption laws were a lot looser back then.

Now, there are several directions this story could go. Here is one I really like.

Even before I was born (which was 7 months later), God blessed me.

Even before I met Betty 18 years later, God blessed me.

And even before I learned more facts giving substance to it all, God blessed me.

Which makes me wonder: What else has God done to bless me though I have yet to know or experience it?

This is the thinking that sustains my hope in Jesus Christ. For if God blessed me long before I drew my first breath, heard the gospel, and believed it, it is not illogical to think other blessings of which he has spoken are also coming my way. I have just yet to know or experience them.

I like the concept of heaven. No more pain, tears, sorrow, death, night, etc. All will be gladness.

But as opposed to a nebulous concept detached from reality is one fact of faith. Heaven is real. Not baseless illusion, but reality grounded in fact. Facts giving substance that have already occurred.

Which are, God has spoken. His word is true. Check his record.

That little girl who may have thought herself unwanted is all grown up now. She is loved by family, church family, friends, and strangers who don’t even know her name.

To whom it may concern, thank you. You make her heart ache a little less this season with every hug and kind word.

Which reinforces an enduring truth. God never loved her more than before she was born. It just took a while at times to realize it.

Happy birthday, darlin’.

Forwarded from Wendy Rogers
BREAKING: President Trump Endorses Wendy Rogers for Reelection to the Arizona State Senate
Deedoo (with The Wife’s permission)

Dale aka “Deedoo” wanted to read my Bible.

Many won’t know, but I lost my Bible last week, and I’m fighting with an unmarked weapon.

I’ve been unsettled as a result. I had years & multiple iterations with that Bible.

So, my “new” Bible is “fresh” and unmarked. Pages arent bent. Kids havent scribbled in it. No smudges.

This Bible is “perfect.”

Or, I should say, it was.

After dinner, I put my Bible in my place at the table. In the morning, I’ll make coffee & read my Bible while The Wife reads hers.

Tonight, however, Deedoo wanted to read my Bible.

He doesn’t know this picture exists.

This picture warms my heart so much I had to share it with people I don’t know.

Imagine how God feels when His children please Him.

My heart is full.

My cup runneth over.

Thank You, LORD.

Forwarded from Stew Peters 📢🇺🇸
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Today on The Stew Peters Show!

6 PM Eastern
What do you do to your enemies?
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Free chicken!

How to build the future without spending money...
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More free chicken!

The legal use of force in an unorganized militia.

Yep, I’m going there...
Forwarded from The Professor's Record
Give things time.

I quoted the scriptures about Judas Iscariot last night. I didn't provide "a name" because I want you to use your own discernment, and not supply you with mine.

Many have reached firm convictions.

I haven't reached all of my conclusions. Some yes. But not all. Not even close.

Like a good Hercule Poirot mystery, there are many players on the grand stage. Twists and turns are a given.

I believe we will find that there are several "Judas Iscariots" that will reveal themselves.

Is this disappointing? Yes. It's heartbreaking.

Is this surprising? Unfortunately, no.

See all of history.

The devil is desperate, and truth seekers are forcing the enemy into mistakes they didn't plan on making.

Patriots are also making mistakes, myself included. While unintentional, we need to learn from these painful experiences and keep working towards full forensic audits.

You all are digesting a lot of information, claims, and accusations.

I've urged caution and restraint to all I've spoken to. Some are incapable of these qualities.

There is always a temptation to choose one patriot over another.

How exhausting. Invariably, every one of them, myself included, will let you down.

It's called being an imperfect sinner.

My allegiance is to God because He doesn't make mistakes. He's perfect.

So I try to listen to Him.

Why don't you try turning off the phone, computer, or livestream, and get in the Word, and see what He has to say about what we are dealing with?

Just a suggestion.
Dad. Round 2 chemo completed. Warrior.

Wearing world’s first DBR Hospital gown.

God is good.

He answers prayer.

Believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, go to war.
What are fair assessments of Epstein’s pilots’ character/knowledge level?
Guess who just got notified that I’m being audited by Dept of Labor?

Wanting two years+ of data, logs, time cards, registers, & security sheets.

Checked with my fellow franchisees.

They aren’t getting audited.

Checked with my fellow small business/retailers.

They aren’t getting audited.

I can’t help but wonder why out of all the restaurateurs in my area, that I’d get a “forensic” audit of sorts.

Never had any fines. Never failed any inspection. Had one employee (out of 60+) file a report - that was later dropped in my favor.

Why now?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some complying to do.

Livestream tomorrow evening. I’m really close to finishing the rough draft
Like the Apostle Paul to his jailers, so will I be to my Department of Labor auditor.

Looking forward to God using the taxpayers to give me the chance to preach the gospel.

Thanks guys!


Now, go to war.
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God has good insults.

I read Proverbs 30 today. Arrogant people trying to grab the wind



And there’s Jeremiah 2:24.

Don’t read it with your kids, but know that God is the Master of rebukes, insults, satire, & polemics.

That’s why I give a little chuckle when people chide me for not being “nice”.

Jesus Christ wasn’t nice. He was loving.

God isn’t tolerant. He is merciful.

Christians aren’t meant to be timid, but meek.


Now, go to war.