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Folks, I don’t want to be an “influencer.”

I want to be an encourager.

Barnabas, in the book of Acts, encouraged folks when they were down. God sent Barnabas to encourage the apostles from time to time.

I want people to know Jesus Christ & not go to hell.

I want Americans free & the Constitution defended.

To those ends, I dont want to be THE guy. I’ll settle for being A guy.

When people ask me about other people saying this or that, I need to be honest, I follow news aggregators, my friends, & folks I think are smart & provide unique, non-boilerplate, analysis.

Christ. Critical thinking. Consistency.

I dont shoot for clicks or views or shares

I do what I do to encourage the other guy to believe the gospel, preach the gospel, defend the Constitution, and...

Go to war.


Now, go to war.
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Checked in at hotel.



“First name?”


<squinty eyes>

“What? That’s my name.”

“But...you aint black.”

“I think in ebonics.”


I love Alabama. These are my people.
Take the masks off, folks.

Birmingham (or, Bham as I’ve come to learn it’s called) has a bunch of masked people.

I’m a looooong way from Oklahoma...
Very excited to see where “Let’s go Brandon” began.
Best local coffee place along I-20 BEFORE Atlanta?
Villa Rica for gas/coffee. About to take on ATL. Not looking forward to the traffic...
Media is too big
How to wage war using love
Sheriffs & martial law are an interesting combination.

It should start happening when necessary...
Pastor DeLay is a good friend & Christian brother.

His wife is trying to rescue him from being murdered in a hospital. Doctors arent acknowledging his right to try nor are they deviating from the Covid-death protocols.

Please pray. If you know the Joplin area sheriff, call. Watch/share the video & call the video.

Thank you for Ann Vandersteel for covering this.

PatriotS, this is war. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.


Media is too big
Invitation to intensity